David Newell: Teaching Rhythms - New Strategies And Techniques For Success


Publisher: Kjos Music Company
Author: David Newell
Format: Books | Theory

This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive textbook on teaching rhythm takes a unique, visionary, in-depth look at how teachers teach rhythm and how learners learn it. It consists of five major sections:

  • Part One presents a logical, student dentered, five-step Rhythm Learning Sequence for introducing students to the performance of rhythms, from sound to sight.
  • Part Two is a minutely detailed look at the author's philosophy of
  • Part Three discusses Counting Systems and their effective uses in the classroom.
  • Part Four takes a comprehensive look at Compound Meter and the ease with which it can be taught and learned.
  • Part Five suggests a unique and creative way to introduce students to Irregular and Mixed Meters.
ISBN: 9780849777547
Published on: 23 October 2008
No of pages: 216
Language: English
Catalogue No: KJW54