Josephine Koh: Musiktheorie Klip Und Klar - Band 3


Author: Josephine Koh
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

This little series provides a clear, logically structured introduction to music theory. The method gradually increases in difficulty, always building upon knowledge from previous volumes, closely following the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) curriculum.

Clear and graphically appealing musical examples provide an easy foundation, preparing the student for the theory bits. Countless exercises help to expand and deepen the knowledge acquired. Additionally, a mock exam is also included, enabling the testing of everything that has been learnt.

The Musiktheorie Klip Und Klar series is best suited for classroom usage in both individual and group teaching situations. Volume 3 includes: demisemiquavers, notes above more than two ledger lines, transposition, E and A flat Major, odd time signatures, note groups and bars in odd time signatures, minor scales, melody and harmony, additional exercises for minor and major scales, intervals, upbeats in common time, simple sentence structures,musical terms, general exercises, mock exam.

Language: German.

ISBN: 9789810802349
Published on: 02 September 2008
No of pages: 56
Language: German
Catalogue No: BOE7137