Keyboard Akkord-Bilder In Farbe

Books | Keyboard

Publisher: Bosworth
Format: Books | Reference
Finally - a chord-book for keyboard! So far now only available for guitarists & co. - now a practical format to bring everywhere (fits every softbag/case) now for keyboard-player.

Chords are sorted by tonality, each key has its own colour - makes it easier to find. Followed by parallel-keys, meaning A-Minor after C-Major, E-Minor after G-Major, B-Minor after D-Major, F#-Minor after A-Major etc. In addition there are keys sorted by type of harmony - augmented, diminished and half-diminished (m7b5).

Described in the appendix are the most common chord-symbols and an assembls of enharmonic mistakes (C#-Major = Db-Major etc). Definetely a practical guide & secret weapon on the road!
ISBN: 9783865433831
Published on: 11 August 2008
No of pages: 48
Language: German
Catalogue No: BOE7479

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