Squier: Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Instruments | Bass Guitar

Catalogue No: 0326702521
Format: Instruments | Instrument
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.
Published on: 01 August 2010
Language: English
Publisher: Fender

        Musicroom Reviews

        I've had this bass for about a year and a half now and it's more than lived up to expectation. After I had set it up to my liking it plays very nicely, with no buzz except a little here and there on the very high frets (bear in mind however I have my action quite low - if I raise it a little it goes away completely). Sound-wise it's very good, set up your amp as you like and you can get a wide variety of tones just from adjusting the tone and volume controls, getting anything from a clean slap tone to a mellow finger-style tone. The finish so far hasn't had a single scratch and has kept it's shine nicely (although it's still early days what with it being polyester finish) and the satin finish on the neck feels very nice. My only complaint is that the knobs didn't quite fit properly, one was too low so it was scratching the plate, and none of them were aligned properly so they would bob from side to side when turned. However, this was just the knobs, not the pots themselves, and I have changed them to the traditional-style black knobs as I prefer their appearance and I like having a visual indicator of the position of each knob as I find it easier for dialing in tones, balancing the volumes of the 2 pickups which I love about Jazz basses. Overall I'm very pleased with it, I'm sure it will continue to serve me well for years to come, and if anything happens to it then it won't set me back too much money. I'd definitely buy the same bass to replace it.
        Anonymous - (Salisbury, Wiltshire)

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