New English Praise - Full Music Edition

Books | Piano, Vocal & Guitar

Publisher: Canterbury Press
Format: Sheet Music | Score
A Supplement to the New English Hymnal, with fifty hymns new to the English Hymnal tradition. Among these are hymns which have become popular since the publication of the New English Hymnal and have been much requested, but there are also new compositions both for the special occasions and seasons of the Church’s year and for more general use.

A large Liturgical Section which complements and completes the one in the New English Hymnal. Everything you need for occasions such as Advent, Candlemas, Ash Wednesday and Holy Week as well as for the ceremony of sprinkling the congregation with baptismal water on days such as the Baptism of Christ and the Easter Vigil.

More music for the Eucharist, providing a parish which has both books with a total of five easy settings for regular use, as well as Gospel Acclamations for the whole year.

A generous selection of Responsorial psalms and canticles. Together with those in the New English Hymnal, these provided a rich variety – enough for the whole year in most parishes. A table is provided giving those which are appointed by or are appropriate substitutes for the ones in Common Worship: Times and Seasons.

Comprehensive indexes, including a completely updated table of suggested hymn for Sundays and major festivals in the Common Worship calendar.
ISBN: 9781853117244
Language: English
Catalogue No: CAN1853117242

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      New English Praise - Full Music Edition
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