On the Road With the Ramones (Updated Edition)


Catalogue No: BOB11572R
Artist: Ramones
Format: Books | Biography
ISBN: 9781847721037
Published on: 04 March 2008
No of pages: 312
Language: English
Publisher: Bobcat Books

    Musicroom Reviews

    This is an incredible book. Based around the story of Monte A. Melnick, tour manager (and much more) for the Ramones throughout their entire career (1974-1996, and 2,263 live shows), this is actually a superb piece of punk oral history. As well as the voices of Monte, and many of the Ramones (Johnny, Marky, Tommy, CJ and Joey), there's their crew - the road-dogs - the roadie's, lighting guys, sound man, etc., etc. An incredible band, a great story, a wonderful read, and a real insight into the Ramones, and life on the road - sex, drugs, rock n roll, of course, but also the binges, fights, breakups, arrests, OD's, girlfriends, humor, hilarity, boredom, fans, and work ethic. Packed with over 250 images of personal photos and memorabilia this is a must-have for all fans of the Ramones.
    Anonymous - (NYC)