Totally Interactive Guitar Bible (Books, CD And DVD)

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Catalogue No: 9781871547788
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
The Totally Interactive Guitar Bible is an integrated package combining four components.

  • The DVD includes a full-length documentary showcasing the great electric Guitars, giving you the chance to see and hear them as never before. It includes footage and photographs of many great players and, as a bonus feature, specially composed music tracks designed to let you hear these historic Guitars at their best.
  • Guitar Facts offers comprehensive information on every significant maker and model in the history of the electric Guitar, Meticulously compiled and beautifully illustrated.
  • Tutor Book gives you a step-by-step course in playing the electric Guitar from starting out to learning the full range of modern styles, including rock, metal, pop, funk, and Americana.
  • The CD accompanies the tutor book with a full program of graded exercises, professionally played and recorded to help you make rapid progress.
ISBN: 9781871547788
Published on: 21 February 2008
Language: English
Publisher: Backbeat Books