Keyboard World Method - Volume Two

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Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

Keyboard World is a beginner method for keyboard that is especially suitable for older children or teenagers who are learning the keyboard and can be used with or without a teacher, for individual lessons or for group lessons.

The different ways of using the keyboard are introduced: playing with or without the automatic accompaniment, reading notes and chord symbols, but also playing by ear, as well as composing and improvising. Each lesson begins with an overview of the new material which will follow. After a rhythm or aural exercise, a piece without automatic accompaniment follows (in other words, you are playing in the style of a piano) for which you will need to read notes for both hands. These pieces can be played along with the enclosed CD. On the right-hand page, you will find pieces for playing with an automatic accompaniment – here you will need to read notes for the right hand, and read chord symbols for the left hand.

At the end of each lesson, there’s an assignment: e.g. note riddles, theory questions, composition tasks or musical games. The first six lessons differ slightly from this pattern, because at the beginning a bit more time is needed to explain the details.

ISBN: 9789043126304
Language: English
Catalogue No: DHP1064198400

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