Andrew D. Gordon: Outta Sight Funk And R&B Patterns For Drums

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Publisher: ADG Productions
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
Outta Sight Funk and R&B Patterns for Drums by Andrew D. Gordon, author of more than 30 instructional books, is designed to help drummers and drum programmers improve their funk drumming technique with a wide range of different Funk and R&B patterns and grooves.

Each of the 55 examples in the book contains 4, two measure patterns increasing in complexity. There are a total of over 200 different funk rhythm patterns in the book.

Each of the 55 examples in the book has been recorded twice on the accompanying audio CD. The first time through you will hear the drum pattern along with a full rhythm section of keyboards, bass and guitar. The second time through you will hear the drum pattern slowed down to 60 beats per minute with a click track in the left speaker and the drum track in the right speaker allowing you to play with or without a click track or drum pattern.

Also available are play-along rhythm tracks of all the 55 examples as .mp3 files. These files are around 2 minutes long and contain the rhythm section of keyboards, guitar and bass as well as a click track, so you can practice in a band-like situation. Visit to find out how to obtain these files at no additional cost.
Published on: 10 January 2008
No of pages: 60
Language: English
Catalogue No: ADG115