Rico: B Flat Clarinet Ligature With Mouthpiece Cap

| Clarinet

Catalogue No: RCL1N
The newly designed Rico ligature and cap offers the ideal set up for your mouthpiece. The ligature has four points which apply equal pressure to the reed and features a sturdy, nickel-plated construction. Fits most hard rubber mouthpieces.

The cap has a unique over-molded design, and interior ribs the conform to a variety of mouthpieces to ensure a snug, scratch-free fit.
Published on: 09 October 2007
Language: English
Publisher: Rico Royal

      Musicroom Reviews

      Wanted a Plastic Cap (as have a Metal One) & as my Ligature was looking rather Manky, thought getting both together would be ideal. I Love the Style of the Cap, but I found the Ligature to be Completely Rubbish! It didn't fit on my Clarinet Mouth Piece at all - which is just a Standard Buffet Mouth Piece, so nothing special. No Matter Which way Round I Put the Ligature on Or How Tight I put it on - it Rode up the Reed (I Only Use 1.5s), which Meant that eventually the Reed Slipped! If I Didn't put the Ligature on Really Tight (a bit Too Tight if I'm Honest), & I Needed to Put the Cap on (if I Needed to Leave my Clarinet for a Few Minutes during Playing), when I came to Remove the Cap, the Ligature Came Off the Mouth Piece, with the Cap! Unless I Held the Reed with my Fingers, the Reed was Pulled Off too - Several times it went Flying through the Air onto the Floor! Needless I've Reverted Back to Using my Old Manky Ligature!
      Anonymous - (NEWENT, United Kingdom)

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