Mikhail Lobko: Concept and Study for the Violinist

Books | Violin

Author: Mikhail Lobko
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
Whatever your skill level, if you are devoted to the noble art of playing the violin, this course is sure to enhance your technique! Mikhail Lobko's Method will increase your understanding of playing throughout the fingerboard in the most rational and comfortable way, facilitating the discovery of technical solutions even while sight reading. The method’s progressive approach, succicnt yet comprehensive, enables you to examine and revise the very way you handle a violin and bow.

The roots of great success or unexplainable failure often lie in simple technical errors that have become habits. To help you correct these habits, brilliant technical concepts gleaned from various books by the best violin teachers of the past are brought together here in simple, easy to follow formulas.
ISBN: 9780786673452
Published on: 07 February 2013
Language: English
Catalogue No: MLB20694