Music Express: Listening To Music Elements - Age 5+

Books, CD-Roms / DVD-Roms and CDs

Publisher: Collins Music
Author: Helen MacGregor
Format: Books | Storybook

The Listening to Music series actively engages children in listening to music so that they can perform it and compose it themselves. Each pack comprises a visually exciting book, a CD of all the recordings, and a CD-ROM of interactive whiteboard activities and printouts.

The book brings together music from China, West Africa, India, South America and Europe — an eclectic mix of traditional, historical and contemporary music. Through the activities, children recognise and use the building blocks of music: long and short sounds, high and low, loud and quiet, fast and slow. They then perform their own versions of some of the recordings and they compose others — always listening perceptively to their own and others music.

Teachers will find this title a useful accompaniment to Music Express Years 1 and 2 and and an enjoyable source of alternative activities for their primary music scheme of work.

ISBN: 9780713682953
No of pages: 64
Language: English
Catalogue No: 9780713682953