Gigmeister: Rock Volume 1

DVDs / Videos | Voice, Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar

Publisher: Working Muso
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
This DVD offers a new angle on music tuition and rehearsal! Four classic songs are arranged for a 4 piece band to perform live, and resources to learn each track are provided for each of the 4 instruments; Vocalist, Drummer, Lead Guitarist and Bass Guitarist.

Each instrument has its own section featuring 3 types of resource for each song. Watch it, learn it, and nail it!
  • Instrument panel - This divides the screen up into visual areas. For the guitars, fretting hand with fretboard (in reverse 'over head view') picking/plucking hand, song key, chord (dynamically changing through the song), animated tab, status bar for locating your position. For the drummer, 3 camera views on screen; Birds eye, Snare and Hi Hat and feet. For the Vocalist, full screen of Vocalist, dynamic lyrics display, mini view of live performance and key.
    In this mode the musician can listen to, and switch between, 3 full length backing tracks; Full band including their instrument, Full band minus their instrument or their instrument only.
  • Musician interview - each musician has been interviewed about each song. In these interviews the musicians offer song specific tips and tricks as well as more generic tuition type information.
  • Live performance emulation - Once you have learned the song well enough, you can 'Play gig with the band'. This fires up a pop video style live performance of the song, so you can play along but without any specific visual resources to help. Alternatively, 'Play gig in the band' can be selected. This brings up the same video, without your instrument on the backing track, so you can relay nail that live performance.
Published on: 20 June 2007
Length: 152
Language: English
Catalogue No: GRV10507

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    I was pleasantly suprised at how easy it is to follow. The overhead views on the instruments make it so much easier to see what's going on compared to normal instructional videos. A real breath of fresh air - highly recommended.
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    Gigmeister: Rock Volume 1
    Voice, Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar