David Bowman/Bruce Cole: Sound Matters (CD)


Publisher: Schott Music
Format: Audio / Video | Backing Tracks
Written and compiled by David Bowman and Bruce Cole, Sound Matters is an anthology of listening material for GCSE Music. It is intended to provide comprehensive resource materials for the listening component of the GCSE music syllabuses. The extracts have been selected especially to illustrate the periods, styles and rudiments of music encompassed within the syllabuses, and the four components of the publication produced to ensure maximum assistance to the teacher in the classroom.

Available here is a double CD, providing the audio tracks, covering a selection of music from all genres, including: Folk Song, Late Renaissance, Baroque, Viennese Classical Composers, The Romantic Periods, Twentieth Century, Jazz, Pop and World Music.
ISBN: 9790220115547
Language: English
Catalogue No: ED12353CD