Encyclopedia of Scales, Modes and Melodic Patterns

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Author: Arnie Berle
Format: Books | Instrumental Reference
Arnie Berle's Encyclopedia of Scales, Modes and Melodic Patterns is not just another book of scales and patterns, this is a method that trains the mind, the ears and the fingers to work in perfect synchronization to respond instantaneously to any given chord progression. This ability is of paramount importance to any musician who wants to improvise in the jazz idiom. Leading jazz players have used this method for years, but this is the first time it has been published in book form. The author offers a comprehensive guide to improvisation on any instrument through chord changes in any key. A great source book for dozens of scales from the traditional major and minor forms to the modal scales used by jazz musicians. Even scales from other cultures Arabian, Balinese, Iranian, Hungarian, can be found here. A must-have for any musician who aspires to improvise with authority.
ISBN: 9780786617913
No of pages: 96
Language: English
Catalogue No: MLB95736

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      Excellent guide to all modes and chords used primarily by jazz players for improvisation. Suggested practice routines ensure comprehensive understanding of all types of chord structure and use, and will lead to a full working knowledge of the methods of improvisation.
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