Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet Light

Publisher: Mighty Bright
ISBN: 0729578508106
Published on: 30 November 2006
Language: English
Catalogue No: TRI12780

      Musicroom Reviews

      As percussionists we keep a total of 3 of these with us whenever we're out gigging; only the other day we played at a grand house where the lighting was terrible and our music was bathed in light from our mighty brights! We've tried stand lights in the past with mains leads and extensions plus gaffer tape so someone doesn't sue us but these gadgets are so much better: they take up so little room in your gig bag you forget they're there but the minute there's a light issue, out they come. The first ones we bought 2 years ago have never needed batteries replacing. Get the XtraFlex Duet to get the necessary length of stalk to light up the entire music.
      Anonymous - (Exmouth, United Kingdom)
      Très bon produit. Très bon éclairage
      Anonymous - (martigues, France)
      Did the job well at a candlelit carol service recently. The two settings for the light power do not seem to be any different to one-another however, and if I were making a Mark II version, I would extend the length of the clip slightly.
      Anonymous - (Chippenham, United Kingdom)
      Having suffered power cuts at a Christmas concert last year and trying to conduct with a torch in my hand, I no longer fear the winter season! These lights are great, bright and easy to use, even when carolling in the street!
      Anonymous - (coutances, France)
      Really portable and the light is very good. Good purchase.
      Anonymous - (Llanelli, United Kingdom)
      Very handy and compact lighting unit - recommended
      Anonymous - (Isle of Wight, United Kingdom)
      I haven't tried these actually gigging yet but have tried them briefly in a dark room. The clip is very positive, secure and well built, the light from the LEDs is bright and evenly spread across two pages of music, and the necks are great for bending and staying in any position.
      Anonymous - (Ilkley, United Kingdom)

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