AUDW2004 Australia’s Ultimate Drummer Weekend 2004

DVDs / Videos | Drums

Publisher: Musictek
Format: Audio / Video | Recorded Performance
This two-DVD set features nearly six hours of amazing concert footage, workshops and festival highlights from Australia’s Ultimate Drummer Weekend 2004.

Disc 1 features concert performances by: Marco Minneman, Michael Shack, Chad Wackerman Band, Dave Beck, Gregg Bissonette, Dom Famularo, and Steve Smith.

Disc 2 includes over 90 minutes of innovative workshop material:
  • Steve Smith demonstrates the value of having a ‘Swing Technique’ as the foundation to one’s playing and more!
  • Marco Minnermann demonstrates a series of ideas, featuring some simple sticking patterns and coordination ideas, through to interesting odd time phrases.
  • Dom Famularo explores the ‘Moeller Stroke’ and the idea of rebound in relation to matched grip, open-handed style.

Additional highlights include:
  • Marco Minnemann bonus track
  • Dom & Friends
  • John Reynolds Raiders Drum Corps
  • Drum & Percussion Expo
  • Australia’s Best Up & Coming Drummer competition Finals
  • Extra Interviews
  • 2002 & 2003 Festival Highlights

Run Time: 5 hrs, 45 min.
ISBN: 9781423423287
Published on: 20 December 2006
Length: 345
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL320624