The Henry Allen Collection - Volume 6 1941-1946


Publisher: Storyville Records
Format: Audio / Video | Recorded Performance
The recordings on this compact disc have been transferred as far as possible from the original 78 rpm records and processed in analogue form to present all of the recorded information at correct pitch and in character approximating natural tonality of the instruments; this is done with little consideration of original surface noice which has been largely smoothed to present least distraction rather than being filtered with consquent destruction of natural 'air'.
Today's transfer is likely to be tomorrow's source material and there is great promise of future technology which will make possible further reduction of unwanted noise at no expense to the music. Until that time, the listener is exhorted to perform his own filtering to taste.
Published on: 06 April 2013
Length: 66
Language: English
Catalogue No: STVCOCD24