Edmund Banyard: The Battle

Books | Voice, Piano Accompaniment

Publisher: Stainer & Bell
Composer: Edmund Banyard
A Play with Music
By Edmund Banyard

There can be a struggle beween opposing armies, or between commanders and generals on the same side, or between the conflicting of purposes in the mind of their leader. In The Battle, Ahab is that man. The story, from I Kings 22 and II Chronicles 18, concerns the struggle for Ramoth-Gilead, in which Ahab, King of Israel, and Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, conspired against Aram in a military encounter. Written for two readers, four voices (unseen), actors, singers and musicians, the work offers ample opportunity for artists and performers of many skills to use their talents.
ISBN: 9780852491768
Language: English
Catalogue No: SABAC140

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    Edmund Banyard: The Battle
    Voice, Piano Accompaniment