Hans Abrahamsen: Nacht Und Trompeten (Full Score)

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Composer: Hans Abrahamsen
Format: Sheet Music | Score
Nacht Und Trompeten by Hans Abrahamsen (1981).

Programme note:

The piece is dedicated to Hans Werner Henze, from whose request the piece arose. The music unfolds in a space, in which the memory of the earlier music has the same reality as the music of today. But the music of the memory is naturally distant and vague, whereas the music of today is present and gesticulated.

In the opening section the past and the present are clearly separated, but during the piece, this balance is lifted, as "the music of the past" (trumpet signals, Sicilian melodicity, romantic Pathos, strawinskian neo-classicism) in a dynamic and often dramatic surrealistic play with minimalism and modernism of today is unravelled.

Orchestration: Parts are for hire: hire@ewh.dk
ISBN: 9788759858875
No of pages: 52
Length: 11
Language: Danish
Catalogue No: WH29721

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