Sylvie Villemin: Octave - L'Oreille Tendre

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Composer: Sylvie Villemin
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
L'Oreille Tendre is a method for toddlers that focuses on discovering the world of sound, music, fun and play. Each exercise is sensory, experienced through the body, meaning the child will create stronger memories of different musical concepts.

The character, Octave accompanies the child in all their discoveries, making their musical journey fun, creative and, using the accompanying stickers, interactive. Sylvie Villemin's method consists of 20 fully illustrated lessons which each include a song as well as activities that develop different techniques such as breath, tonality, voice and rhythm. All exercises are involved, with the stickers and CD helping the child to interact with the music and theory.

The accompanying activity guide is there for parents, educators or teachers that includes detailed objectives and explanations of each activity, lesson by lesson. Each educator can adjust the speed of progression for each student, using more or less of the lessons depending on the age and number of children. 

The CD includes recordings of all the songs, pieces for developing rhythm and different timbres. The CD tracklist is available within the activity guide.
ISBN: 9790230965866
Published on: 02 April 2013
Language: French
Catalogue No: HX26586E

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