Leon White: Sight To Sound A Guide To Reading For The Studio

Books | Guitar

Publisher: I.M.P.
Author: Leon White
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
This method covers two main components of playing - sound and time. In the section on sound you learn to locate pitches on the guitar and on paper. Basic definitions, derivations of scales and position playing are all covered. The section on time focuses on definitions of beat, pulse and rhythm. Note values are carefully derived and time signatures explained without the vague 'common time' concept.
All basic concepts are taught through single line playing. Other methods demand that the student become fluent at chord reading before being exposed to difficult rhythmic figures. The ominous appearance of block chords often discourages the student from progressing rhythmically. He fumbles with the chords and confuses the rhythm. Soon the simplest solo line has become an incredible challenge. It is for this reason that we have placed block chord reading at the end of this learning programme.
ISBN: 9780769212838
Published on: 28 February 2002
No of pages: 91
Language: English
Catalogue No: IMP50419