Bastiens' Invitation To Music: Theory And Ear Training Party - Book A

Books | Piano

Publisher: Kjos Music Company
Format: Books | Theory

The series Bastiens’ Invitation to Music includes three books – Piano Party, Theory & Ear Training Party and Performance Party – at four progressive levels to provide a comprehensive introduction to music and playing the Piano for children age 4 and upward.

As an entry to the series, Book A of Theory & Ear Training Party introduces basic concepts such recognising right and left hands, low and high sounds, black and white keys and learning rhythms; and will help reinforce the concepts presented in Piano Party. Attention is kept up in this interactive book with charming drawings and a wide variety of activities, all adding up to a better understanding of the Piano, musical theory and hearing. Teachers’ notes with instructions to the short exercises can be found at the end of the book.

Students who follow Bastiens’ Invitation to Music will learn to be critical listeners, as well as readers and performers of music!

ISBN: 9780849795510
No of pages: 48
Language: English
Catalogue No: KJ15206