W.A. Mozart: Die Bäsle-Briefe

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Publisher: Bosworth
Format: Audio / Video | Recorded Performance
A spectacular performance of Die Bäsle-Briefe, filmed at the breathtaking Burgarena Reinsberg in 2005.

The Baesle-Letters shows a collection of the original letters (1777-1787) from the 'Baesle' Anna Maria, the cousin of W.A. Mozart, transferred and interpreted to the early 1970s.

The two become aquainted in Augsburg, the first stop of Mozart’s journey to Paris/France, a moment that would become the beginning of a wonderful friendship - very informal and without any moralistic pressure. Apart of seeing each other a few times, the two spoke thrhough their letters, which are brimming with amusement and outright flirtation.

The Baesle becomes one of the most important people in Mozart’s life - his confidante, which is very helpful for him, especially in the bad times of his life with Aloisia Weber.

It is at this point the DVD The Baesle-Letters begins. The 'Baesle' is going to a party room, hears the cassette with the letters of Mozart and thinks about the times when she, the groupie, met the rock star 'Amadeus'.
ISBN: 9783950205213
Published on: 13 April 2006
Language: German
Catalogue No: BOE7383

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