Die Legende Black Sabbath


Catalogue No: BOE7374
Format: Books | Biography
Black Sabbath was one of the first bands to define the ‘heavy metal’ sound in the early 70s, moving away from the peace movement and hippie culture to writing songs about heavier issues, such as occult, war, apocalypse and gothic storytelling. In their music they conveyed an inimitable sense of anger and anti-establishment, the likes of which had never been heard before.

With the success of the smash hit MTV sitcom The Osbournes, the interest and popularity surrounding Black Sabbath, and their groundbreaking style, has increased and so the legend lives on…

Steven Rosen provides a fascinating insight into the band’s success and continuing popularity, with a forward by the legendary front-man of the band himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

This is a German language edition.
ISBN: 9783932275890
Published on: 06 April 2006
No of pages: 208
Language: German
Publisher: PPV Medien

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