Siesta: Painted Djembe (20cm)

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Publisher: Siesta
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The Siesta range of instruments originate from the endeavor to trade fairly and ethically with communities and makers all over the world, from Kenya and Nairobi to Bali and India. By working closely with small co-operatives and local suppliers, Siesta instruments are all produced using local materials and with methods that are in some cases centuries old.

This stunning painted Djembe has been handmade and finished from wood, topped with skin, and offering a high-pitched yet warm resonance.

14cm diameter skin with a 10cm playing surface (approx).

Published on: 23 February 2006
Language: English
Catalogue No: SSTBD20

          Musicroom Reviews

          Very fine-balanced drum. Perfect for small children (age 2 and up). The small size did at first disappoint me as a "grown up" - but this has now changed. Because the drum is "handable and usable" for the very small ones - a victory for the "initiating" young one. For instance can they hold it between their legs, standing up - and drum along - signalling "my drum, that I master". For just 10 GBP it's perfect - and "real". Alternatives that one might be looking at, are the toy-ones such as "plastic marching drums" - but these can't make real sound, and they are "just toy" - whereas this one makes real fine resonant and "spot-on" sound (when positioned and played "right") - and as such it can and will grow with the child - and be a part of the child's / family's "percussion-collection". Thumbs up for "the real wood and skin thing" (which also holds a story - as part of Siesta's "fair trade" african instrument-program".
          Anonymous - (Denmark)
          A big sound for a small drum. Really well made. My pupils are enjoying using this!
          Anonymous - ()

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          Siesta: Painted Djembe (20cm)
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