The Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM Library: Cello Volume 2 - Debussy, Mahler And More

CD-Roms / DVD-Roms | Cello

Publisher: CD Sheet Music, LLC
Format: Books | Music Technology
A CD-ROM featuring the complete Cello parts for 61 Orchestral masterworks by the likes of Debussy, Mahler, Bizet, Bruckner and Grieg. The collection affords musicians the opportunity to build thier own personal library of orchestral repertoire and a fraction of the price of the printed equivalents!

The CD-ROM can be used on a whole range of PC or Macintosh computers, and all software required is included on the disc.

System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or ME with 10-16MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or later with 16-24MB RAM
  • Mac OS 7.5 or later with 4.5MB RAM
ISBN: 9780634066214
Language: English
Catalogue No: OML00220092