Evans: 22 Inch EMAD Batter Bass Drum Skin - Clear

| Drums

Publisher: Evans
From the original EQ series with its patented internal rings and dry vents, to the latest EMAD (Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping) Bass head, Evans has led the way in bass drum sounds. Right out of the box, Evans bass drum heads will yield the best sound you've ever heard from your bass drum! Wide open and cavernous or damped down and funky, you define your sound, Evans will provide a head that will get it. Once you experience Evans bass drum heads, there's no going back.

Tailor degrees of damping and attack without removing the head or reaching inside the drum. The EMAD is a 10mil single-ply with two interchangeable damping rings that maximize attack and low-end.

Language: English
Catalogue No: ASMBD22EMAD