Evans: B14G2 14" Genera G2 - Coated Tom Head

| Drums

Catalogue No: ASMB14G2
When faced with the challenge of providing musical tones with unmatched consistency, Evans tom heads work on all fronts. Take the B14G2 14" Genera G2 - Coated Tom Head, a double-ply favourite! Evans' engineers integrated the ideal film combination and hoop profile to provide durability,consistency and full, rich tone. Rolls around the toms spread in clean intervals; floor toms groan with presence. For an open, warm, traditional vibe...check out the J1 Etched. Whatever you choose, Evans tom heads will satisfy the most discerning ear.

A two-ply head (7mil each) featuring extraordinary consistency and durability, the G2 offers the perfect blend of depth, sustain, and attack. It makes small toms sing and floor toms growl while the coating adds additional warmth, focus, and depth!
ISBN: 019954516482
Language: English
Publisher: Evans

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