Source Readings In Music History Volume 5 - The Late Eighteenth Century


Publisher: W.W. Norton
Format: Books | History
The era of Haydn, Mozart, and early Beethoven not only produced music of enduring appeal, it also gave us significant writings that explain how music should be composed, performed, listened to, and understood. In The Late Eighteenth Century, Wye Jamison Allanbrook presents twenty-six readings that reveal how the music establishment of 1750-1800 saw itself.

Included are selections from the great German pedagogical treatises of Quantz (on playing the flute), C.P.E. Bach (keyboard), Leopold Mozart (violin), and Kirnberger and Koch (on composition); opinions about opera by Rousseau, Diderot, and Gluck; ideas on expression by W.A. Mozart and G. de Stael; and historical and descriptive writings of Forkel, Charles Burney, and Susannah Burney.
ISBN: 9780393966985
No of pages: 318
Language: English
Catalogue No: D3254