Lick Library: Ultimate Guitar Techniques - Effects Pedals

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Series: Lick Library
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
From the revolutionary ideas of Jimi Hendrix, right up to modern day masters such as Thurston Moore, Jonny Greenwood and Kevin Shields, the art of twisting and transforming the sound of the electric guitar has become an art in itself. Armed with filters, echoes and other toys, the guitarist has become capable of creating staggering walls of sound. In the hands of Steve Vai, pedals appear to make the guitar 'talk', and Tom Morello's uncanny record-scratch mimicry is also possible thanks to the right choice of stomp box.

In this unique DVD, Michael Casswell teaches all you need to know about effects pedals old and new, and guides you through the various combinations and sounds that can be achieved using Flangers, Wah Wahs, Distortions, Compression, Delays, Reverbs and much more! Transform the way your see your guitar with this unusual and insightful tutorial, suitable for players of all levels.
ISBN: 5060088820704
Published on: 01 December 2005
Language: English
Catalogue No: RDR0027

          Musicroom Reviews

          Some interesting sounds and good playing in this DVD but it's not in depth enough to get a good rating from me. There isn't really anything about how to achieve particular sounds or even the sounds/effects being shown other than what pedal is being used. I thought a "suggested settings" section for each pedal/type of effect would have been useful but nothing like that either. It's not really a tutorial at all - more of a showcase.
          Anonymous - (Fife, UK)