Guitar Chord Progression Encyclopedia

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Catalogue No: FMS17868
Format: Books | Instrumental Reference
Guitar Chord Progression Encyclopedia is an excellent book, which will familiarise the guitarist with all of the most commonly used chords and chord progressions in every key and in every position on the fretboard. What makes this book different from other chord books is that you will learn by playing fully illustrated examples of chord progressions, and not by reading theoretical descriptions.

This comprehensive book is easy to use and to understand. A chord diagram is provided for every chord, so there is no guesswork involved. The sections of this book are arranged positively in order of difficulty, so if you are fairly new to the guitar, you should start at the beginning and gradually work your way towards the end. The more experienced players, however, can move freely from one section to another, filling any gaps in their knowledge.
ISBN: 9780739009710
No of pages: 96
Language: English
Publisher: Alfred Publishing

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