Walter Beeler: Method For The Cornet (Trumpet) Book 1

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Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Author: Walter Beeler
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
  • The general plan of this method aims at a systematic rotation of playing fundamentals using new material in each case. Consequently, eight or ten exercises are considered as a complete lesson, including exercises for tone development, articulation, mechanism, phrasing, ensemble playing, etc. I believe that this principle is sounder pedagogically than that of presenting many exercises of the same type in succession, the superficial attractiveness of the latter notwithstanding.
  • Every exercise or melody has been introduced for a purpose, and in most cases that purpose has been stated. In any event, however, the teacher should take care that the student knows why the exercise was written. A small amount of practice with definite purpose is better than a great amount of 'wandering' on the instrument.
  • The instrument range in this book is moderate. The few exercises that exceed the playing limit of a particular student may be omitted, as the material for each new problem is adequate.
  • The pupil-teacher duets can be played by two students, as the range of the teacher's part is not prohibitive.
  • Posture, Holding the instrument, breathing, production of tone, technical development, the language of music, and care of the instrument are topics treated in this book.
  • ISBN: 9780769225661
    Skill Level: Beginner Explain this
    Published on: 28 February 2002
    No of pages: 58
    Language: English
    Catalogue No: IMP20947

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