Savage Rudimental Workshop

Books and CDs | Drums

Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Author: Matt Savage
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
A fresh and exciting resource for developing total control of the 40 percussive Art Society Rudiments. Designed to be used by all levels of percussionists, this approach will help you gain immediate results in a musical context. The book consists of three components :

  • Rudimental Exercises:
  • Each of the 40 P.A.S. Rudiments includes a collection of short exercises that allow the player to physically and mentally understand how each rudiment is put together and how it can be played in the most efficient and controlled manner at all speeds and dynamic levels.

  • Rudimental Solos:
  • Following each collection of rudiment exercises is a solo incorporating only that rudiment, while each solo gradually increases in difficulty from beginning to end. The solos incorporate dynamics, sticking patterns, and phrasing while stressing musicality and feel.

  • Play-along CDs:
  • The two CDs include selected exercises at a moderate tempo followed by the rudiment solo and musical accompaniment. The solo part is found on the left channel and the accompaniment, or both at the same time.
    The CDs also include ten Groove tracks to be used with the exercise portion of the book. The Groove Tracks offer a number of different tempos, styles, and feels, so the player can practice various exercises to an accompaniment of his or her choice.
    ISBN: 9780757902253
    Published on: 28 February 2002
    No of pages: 160
    Language: English
    Catalogue No: IMP0465B

          Musicroom Reviews

          This book is a MUST for all drummers. This book is the best Rudiments based book on the market, and I own loads of them! What I love about this book is that the rudiments are broken down into small chunks and the notation shows both simplistic versions and the "at tempo" versions allowing beginner drummers to understand the make-up of a rudiment. I almost never use the CDs that come with books, but the tracks with this book are very useful and again, the rudiments are played slowly enough, for a beginner to understand how a rudiment sounds at beginner tempo. It is all written on snare, so kit players should learn the rudiments and then apply to snare and toms... maybe there is a book 2 waiting to be written. My only niggle, is that the set pieces audio is with the snare playing the piece, and a version without snare would be useful. (there are 10 audio tracks to play along to, but they are not the same tracks as the set piece audioe) YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK IF YOU CAN READ crotchets, quavers ans semiquavers.
          Anonymous - (Saltburn-by-the-Sea, United Kingdom)

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