Georges Catherine: Premiers Solos Extraits De Concertos Classiques - Kreutzer's 'Concert No. 1'

Books | Violin

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Composer: Rodolphe Kreutzer
Format: Sheet Music | Score

Parisian violinist, Georges Catherine (1872-1958) compiles an exciting collection for the Violin repertoire. The first solo from Kreutzer's Concerto No. 1 is clearly printed with a helpful key of unusual techniques.

Kreutzer (1766-1831) was a French violinist, teacher, conductor and composer. He composed a significant forty operas and nineteen Violin concertos. The Violin solo line of Concerto No. 1 makes use of extended techniques, including harmonics, bow techniques, aritculations and double stops. Catherine's series, Premiers Solos Extraits De Concertos Classiques provides essential access to significant repertoire of the Violin, preparing advanced violinists for the major concertos.

ISBN: 9790046184314
Language: English
Catalogue No: AL18431