Francis Poulenc: Les Biches (Study Score)

Books | Orchestra

Publisher: Heugel
Composer: Francis Poulenc
Format: Books | Study Score

This edition of Les Biches by Francis Poulenc features the score for the whole Orchestra. Initially written as Ballet, it was revised as a suite for Orchestra in the 1940s. This piece has a light style, considered “beautiful and melancholic” by Jean Cocteau.

Lasting 15 minutes 30 seconds, it is divided into five parts:
1. Rondeau
2. Adagietto
3. Rag-Mazurka
4. Andantino
5. Finale

Francis Poulenc is French composer and pianist. He also produced Piano and Chamber pieces, Operas, ballets as well as some Orchestral works.

ISBN: 9790047312150
No of pages: 128
Language: English, French
Catalogue No: HE31215

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