Henri Benoit And Renée Benoit: Viola Method After Maurice Hauchard (Viola)

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Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Composer: H.R. Benoît
Format: Sheet Music | Score

Viola Method After Maurice Hauchard is a method by Henri and Renée Benoit for beginners.

Written in C key, this pedagogic method starts with the positioning, including how to use the bow and how to go from one string to another. It contains a total 157 exercises and small studies on rhythm, scales, double strings, among many other topics.

Written after the 'Complete Violin method' by Maurice Hauchard, this method is really complete with explanations and advice to guide players.

Viola Method After Maurice Hauchard is one of the best book to start acquiring the techniques necessary for Viola players

Henri and Renée Benoit are both Viola professors, either at the Paris Conservatory or at the Normale School of music of Paris.

ISBN: 9790046238239
Language: French
Catalogue No: AL23823