Auguste Samie: 60 Etudes Vol.1 Etudes Mignonnes Op.31 (Violin) (Catherine)

Books | Violin

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Composer: Auguste Samie
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album

Études Mignonnes (or Cute Studies) is the first in a series of three volumes of studies for the Violin. Compiled in 1878 by Auguste Samie, the études allow students to work on basic technical concepts, such as bowing and sound production.

The 20 studies in Études Mignonnes each helpfully contain a title indicating the focus of the exercise, followed by clear instructions regarding technique. Moreover, this edition of Soixante Études is revised and annotated by Georges Catherine, popular contemporary violinist and arranger. Edits by Catherine include bowing marks, fingerings, articulation, dynamics and performance directions. Including input by two prolific players of the Violin, Études Mignonnes is an obligatory guide for beginners of the instrument.

ISBN: 9790046059575
Language: English, French
Catalogue No: AL5957