George Hüe: 1st Solo De Cornet À Pistons

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Catalogue No: AL24679
Composer: Georges Hüe
Format: Sheet Music | Score

Composed by Georges Hüe for the Conservatoire Contest (1900), 1st Solo De Cornet À Pistons is a piece for Cornet and Piano accompaniment, dedicated to J. Mellet. Quite difficult (6°), it would demonstrate well the skills acquired by an advanced player during a contest but can also be performed for a recital as it's eminently enjoyable.

Written in Bb minor, the piece starts with the succession of lyrical parts by the Bassoon accompanied by the Piano and of some quieter ones with a more predominant Piano and a slower Bassoon. The piece then continues with a more energetic part reminiscent of a march, supported by some chords on the Piano. It closes on a faster section in Molto Vivace.

It is really important for the Cornet player to master his breathing to execute this piece effectively.

Georges Hüe (1858-1948) is a French musician and composer who composed numerous Operas including one created after the stories by Perrault.

ISBN: 9790046246791
Language: English
Publisher: Alphonse Leduc

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