Taffanel/Gaubert: Grands Exercices Journaliers Mécanisme (Saxophone)

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Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album

Initially composed by Paul Taffanel and Philippe Gaubert, this edition of Big Daily Finger Exercises was adapted for the Saxophone and transcribed by Frederic Juranville.

It includes fourteen different exercises: 

1. Scales
2. Scales by the chromatic order and according to the cycle of fifths
3. Intervals
4. Chromatic scales
5. Whole –tones scales
6. Arpeggios
7. Broken arpeggios
8. Arpeggios
9. Broken arpeggios
10. Diminished fifth chords – Arpeggios and broken arpeggios
11. Diminished seventh chords – Arpeggios and broken arpeggios
12. IV-V-I progressions
13. IV-V-I progressions with different rhythmic combinations
14. II-V-I progressions

Frédéric Juranville is a French musician born in 1957 who won the First Prize of the Paris Conservatoire for Chamber music and Saxophone. He is now a Saxophone professor in France and works on the composition of new pedagogic methods.
ISBN: 9790046281938
Language: English, French, German
Catalogue No: AL28193