Neil Peart: A Work In Progress DVD

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Publisher: I.M.P.
Artist: Neil Peart, Rush
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
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ISBN: 9780757990298
Published on: 20 June 2002
Language: English
Catalogue No: 902839

        Musicroom Reviews

        This is the worst drum DVD I've ever seen. Neil Peart is too far up his own backside. For many years I have loved Rush (up until Hold You Fire, anyway. They got monotonous after that) and enjoyed Neil Peart's drum style. In fact, for most of the eighties he was my main influence. Now, I'm afraid he's lost it completely. The drumming is repetitive at best with the same rhythms to most songs and the LONG boring, speeches to camera left me as cold the Canadian snow behind him. I think it was the zen like way he spoke about drumming, like Mr. Myagi teaching Daniel San, that pretty much did it for me. "Use classic grip and wax on, wax off." Get Portnoy or Beauford. You'll get more out of it by far.
        Flinch - (Oxfordshire.)
        Very interesting. Great to hear how he plans out the intricacies of his drums with such great precision. Great for drum fans, and RUSH fans alike.
        Gord - (Fonthill,Canada)

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