24 Caprices Études De Boehm Pour Flûte

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Catalogue No: AL20429
Composer: Marcel Moÿse

Moyse provides the perfect study book for advanced flautists. With text in French, English, German, Spanish and Japanese, 24 Caprice Studies by Boehme for Flute cannot be missed.

French flautist, Marcel Moyse (1889-1984) studied with virtuosos Philippe Gaubet, Adolphe Hennebains and Paul Taffanel at the Paris Conservatoire. Moyse went on to become principal Flute of various orchestras and also became known for his trademark tone: clear, flexible and penetrating, controlled by a fast vibrato. As well as performing, Moyse taught the Flute and published a substantial number of study books for the instrument. 24 Caprice Studies, based on studies by Boehm, focuses on elements including phrasing, tempo, breath control, articulation, fingering and evenness, among other aspects. Being a prominent Flute player himself, Moyse's 24 Caprice Studies is well-informed and essential to aspiring flautists.

ISBN: 9790046204296
Language: English, French, German, Japanese
Publisher: Alphonse Leduc

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        24 Caprices Études De Boehm Pour Flûte
        Flute, Study Guide