Jacques Delécluse: 20 Etudes D'après Kreutzer Adaptées Pour Xylophone (Percussion Solo)

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Catalogue No: AL23444
Composer: Jacques Delécluse
Format: Sheet Music | Score

Twenty Studies R. Kreutzer arranged by Jacques Delécluse (born 1933) is a set of twenty studies written for Xylophone . Inspired by a set of exercises for Strings written by Kreutzer, Twenty Studies after R. Kreutzer covers passages that would often be seen in modern orchestral music.

Rudolphe Kreutzer was a French violinist, conductor and composer, and the author Jacques Delécluse, is a soloist at the Paris Orchestra and a professor at the Paris Conservatoire. He has conceived a keyboard-percussion instrument that holds his name, and is also the author of a series of seven books “À la manière de” for Drums and Piano.

ISBN: 9790046234446
Language: French
Publisher: Alphonse Leduc