Henri Dutilleux: Choral, Cadence Et Fugato (Trombone/Piano)

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Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Composer: Henri Dutilleux
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album

Dutilleux's Chorale, Cadenza and Fugue for Trombone and Piano has never found its way into the mainstream of Trombone repertoire, yet it remains a frequent favourite at virtuoso solo competitions. Chorale, Cadenza and Fugue is ideal for trombonists seeking something more substantial and varied.

Henri Dutilleux (1916-2013) began his career as director of the Musical Illustrations Service on French Radio and Television, but he left this position after 18 years to devote himself entirely to composition. As the title suggests, Dutilleux's Chorale, Cadenza and Fugue is divided in to three contrasting sections, which run seamlessly from one to another. The piece begins with the Trombone playing a lyrical chorale melody, accompanied by rich Piano chords. The cadenza is dramatic, with the intense Trombone line being played over tremolos from the Piano. This is followed by the angular and rhythmic Fugue, initially stated in the low register of the Piano. As the Trombone states the Fugue, a countermelody is introduced on the Piano. These themes continue and augment into a virtuosic fanfare motif, closing in a grand and dramatic finish.

Dutilleux's Chorale, Cadenza and Fugue for Trombone and Piano is inspiring, challenging, motivating and essential to the repertoire of all advanced trombonists.

ISBN: 9790046207860
Length: 6
Language: English, French
Catalogue No: AL20786

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