Claude Delvincourt: Croquembouches - Six Pièces Pour Saxophone Alto And Piano (Alto Saxophone/Piano)


Catalogue No: AL28191
Composer: Claude Delvincourt
Format: Sheet Music | Score

A term usually used to name a French dessert with many choux pastry balls, this Croquembouches by Claude Delvincourt is a set of pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano with dessert names.

Featuring a Plum Pudding, a Puit d’Amour, a Nègre en Chemises, a Linzer Tart, a Grenadine and a Rahat Loukhoum, Croquembouches is enough to enlighten your ears and make your mouth water!

For upper beginners / intermediate players, these one-page pieces are really melodic and thoroughly nice to play.

This set was revised by Jean-Marie Londeix, a French musician who was the student of Marcel Mule and Fernand Oubradous.

ISBN: 9790046281914
Language: French
Publisher: Alphonse Leduc