Raymond Gallois-Montbrun: Six Pièces Musicales D'Étude (Alto Saxophone/Piano)

Books | Alto Saxophone, Piano Accompaniment

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album

Raymond Gallois Montbrun (1918-1994) published his 6 Musical Study Pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano in 1954, just ten years after he won the Grand Prix de Rome. Along with his Violin Concerto, 'Japan' Symphony and Concertstück for Clarinet and Piano, 6 Musical Study Pieces remains popular to this day.

6 Musical Study Pieces for Alto Saxophone is made up of six short pieces in variety of styles, each addressing a different technique. These are; 1) Ballade (flexibility), 2) Intermezzo (trills), 3) Rondo (staccato), 4) Lied (sonority), 5) Waltz (chromaticism), and 6) Finale (velocity). As suitable and varied pieces for the progression of intermediate to advanced level saxophonists, Gallois Montbrun's 6 Musical Study Pieces cannot be missed.

ISBN: 9790046211317
Language: English, French
Catalogue No: AL21131

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