Xavier Montsalvatge: Habaneras De La Costa Brava

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Format: Sheet Music | Songbook
The style of the Habanera was born in Cuba a century ago as a descendant rhythm of the european country-dance, known in the island since the XVII centuary. The country-dance was an English dance from England in the XVI century. Cuban musicians adapted new rhythmic fomulae in the original melodic structure influenciated by negro caribean tradition.

Their songs were of varied styles, but the nostalgia of many sailors that were in Cuba, made of the Habanera the most popular rhythm. The songs were learnt using only ears and the lyrics using only memory. This is the reason why there are so many versions. The tavern’s song was a way to understand the long winter nights, specially in small villages of difficult access like the ones in the Costa Brava.

This book contains 20 of these songs for two part vocals.

ISBN: 9780711976993
Skill Level: Intermediate Explain this
No of pages: 26
Language: English
Catalogue No: UMV20521