Scales Over Chords

Books | Guitar Tab, with guitar chord boxes

Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
How to improvise lead lines over chord progressions and never play bad notes! The audio companion demonstrates all musical examples with full band back-up.
ISBN: 9781884848056
No of pages: 160
Language: English
Catalogue No: BS70297

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      Anonymous - ()
      This book is brilliant! I wanted to learn theory but was so confused by the lessons on the web, plus the fact that to a lot of beginner guitarists, theory is like a numerical dislexic studying for further maths! Anyway, this book is a brilliant tutorial, especially for those who don't take formal lessons. From the very beginning (provided you know how to pick up a guitar!) it provides all the basic information which helps to build your knowledge to an advanced level. The material is never boring and rarely hard to understand. Also, the accompanying CD is a great way to learn how to play solo's, particularly the improvising 'on the fly' over a given set of chords. But honestly, I picked up this book knowing nothing and through reading it I have learnt such a great deal! I can now create a sweet chord progression and put the icing on the cake with a sexy solo! But ladies and gentlmen, it has all been through this book, I highly commend the authors and strongly recommend the book! Buy it and learn how to be a guitar hero!
      Anonymous - (Scarisbrick, Lancashire, UK)

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      Scales Over Chords
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