Josephine And Florence Koh: Rhythmatics

Group notes, write beats, identify time-signatures, and complete bars with missing note values or rests - all such tasks with Rhythmatics

For young children it is an indispensable learning aid. No longer will the perception of rhythms in music be a bewildering experience. For most teachers, teaching rhythms, especially fractions of note values and grouping of beats to young children will now be fun and easy. Suitable for children aged four to nine.

ISBN: 9789810566173
Published on: 28 April 1998
Language: English
Catalogue No: WMP1800

        Musicroom Reviews

        My young students really enjoy the visual nature of these rhythmatic cards - especially the semiquaver cards which otherwise they find a difficult concept. I would recommend them.
        Anonymous - (Jersey JE2 7SB, United Kingdom)
        Jeu idéal pour comprendre les valeurs de notes avec les jeunes élèves de 1ère anné est constitué de cartons de belles couleurs vives avec des tailles correspondant aux valeurs des notes. très visuel et du coup très facile d'utilisation. TB !
        Anonymous - (grenoble, France)
        Brilliant tool for a wider age range than it indicates. Boys seem to particularly enjoy working with this set.
        Anonymous - (Faversham, United Kingdom)
        A terrific visual resource. Particularly good for explaining divisions of notes and dotted notes. Drawbacks are limited amount in each pack, and as only upright notes are included in the pack, the issue of tail direction when notes are inverted.
        Anonymous - (Aylesbury, United Kingdom)