Blues You Can Use

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Catalogue No: HLE00695007
Artist: John Ganapes
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
ISBN: 9780793542055
Skill Level: Easy Explain this
No of pages: 96
Language: English
Publisher: Hal Leonard Europe

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        I am a guitar teacher of several years' standing, teaching all styles of guitar, including classical, rock and jazz. John Ganapes' "Blues You Can Use" is one of the undisputed classics among the massively overcrowded genre of guitar tutor books. It is superbly organised in terms of the needs of the learner, and yet if every professional player had mastered its contents how much better the music we often hear on gigs would be. The whole Ganapes series is wonderful, but this is where it started. The only comparable series of books I can think of are the far more jazz oriented "All Blues" series by Jim Ferguson (Guitar Master Class/Mel Bay) while there is also the excellent single introductory volume "Electric Blues Guitar" by Iain Scott (East River, UK, 1998).
        Neil Saunders - (London, England, UK)
        This is an absolutely wonderful book - doing exactly what it says on the cover! It is probably not a book for the very beginner but for those who have been playing for a short while and wish to expose themselves to the blues, there is no better source.
        Anonymous - (Derby, United Kingdom)
        A very good and useful book; takes you fron the beginning using basic scales and chords, and through cd examples, gradually develops your technique to a level where you could easily sit in with a live band.Well laid out,and the recorded tracks are not two difficult for someone getting into the blues style.A very useful book which sets you up for further study on the blues. I may well buy the other books in the series, if they are as good as this one. Recommended.
        Anonymous - (Hampton, United Kingdom)
        This is a great book. The tune are fun, challenging but do-able. The text is pretty much the standard fair, but the CD and tabs are very well done.
        jim donelson - (lake worth)
        I have been learning bits and pieces of blues songs for years but felt I was missing stuff, this book is terrific for filling in all the gaps. Be aware to fully use the book and absorb all material beginners will have to spend about 6 months with the book, but it will build a very strong foundation to becoming a blues player. Excellent book/CD, highly recommended.
        wilb - (edinburgh, United Kingdom)
        La meilleure méthode de blues débutant que j'ai pratiquée pour le moment. La décomposition de chaque leçon en Gamme/Accord/Etude est particulièrement adaptée à un apprentissage régulier et lisse. Les études forment une approche culturelle et pédagogique du blues en abordant les différents styles: blues du delta, blues mineur, funk, (hard) rock ... et en permettant de s'exerçer systématiquement sur une nouvelle technique.
        Anonymous - (saint-cyr l'école, France)
        A very good book to learn from. Lesson by lesson guides which act as bulding blocks to help you progress.
        Anonymous - (Richmond, United Kingdom)
        I have tried many guitar books over the years and the 'Blues you can use' series are my favourites so far. Each lesson guides you through learning blues guitar in a logical and easy to follow manner. In each section you are taught exercises and techniques and then you get to put them into practice by playing along to tracks on the CD. I've been tempted to skip a few pages in the past but I would strongly advise against it. Every lesson will smoothly develop your playing and, if for example you skip the scales sections at the beginning, you will have a hard time with some of the lessons later in the book. Buy this great book now!
        Anonymous - (UK)
        As a (sometimes) working musician, I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to stretch myself. This book helped a lot. I've tried several other "method" or "how to" books, but none of them could touch ‘Blues You Can Use’. The others were either too esoteric or way over-simplified. BYCU is straight-forward, fun and engaging. Well done!
        Pablo Kornfeld - (San Francisco, CA)
        Great book, great concept! Not that it's something that new, but it's the first time I have seen it applied to Blues guitar in such a methodic maner. Solos, rhythm, drills, scales, chords and all structured in a logical fashion. Even the tunes are tasty considering the initial limitations they have.
        slidelick - (Lisboa, Portugal)
        This book starts off with some basics and builds up to some fairly in depth lessons - don't let this put you off, as everything is well explained and laid out. This book is well worth the money and will keep you going for a long time as you progress through each study. Recommended.
        jake - (WIRRAL, United Kingdom)

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